artist statement

Kelly Seim grew up in the West, encircled by the native beauty of mountains and red rock desert of Utah and Colorado. Seim received a BFA in 1997 at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI, and an MSW in 2004 from the University of Utah. She relocated to Philadelphia, PA in 2019 in pursuit of vibrant culture, rich history, and new adventures.

Seim's work as an artist and psychotherapist are alike: unearthing images that are specific and universal to guide and enrich; seeking spontaneous gestures originating from the true self to be embraced and elaborated; and creating health, joy, and a meaningful life for self and others through creative expression. Her figurative paintings are vivid, iconographic, archetypal, and stylized to invite exploration of emotion, relationships, and the unconscious. 

Seim has exhibited in Utah, Colorado, and Michigan, and has done commissioned portraits, landscapes, stained glass, and murals. Her favorite sale to date occurred while passing time painting en plein air at a train station outside of Florence, Italy. She is currently seeking representation and an art community in Philadelphia.

She sees patients Tuesday through Thursday and observes studio hours on Monday and Friday (when she’s not wandering the streets of Old City, at the shore, or seeking out the best cannoli or microbrew in Philly, that is). Contact Kelly at or 801-792-3228 for information on available work.